Sean Hughes

Sean Hughes is an award-winning Irish comic turned best-selling writer whom the British Independent newspaper has compared to the likes of Irvine Welsh, James Kelman and Will Self.

Best known as a stand-up comedian and television star, Sean Hughes has won acclaim with his trademark black comedy. In his novel ‘It’s What He Would’ve Wanted’ Hughes combines edgy humour with narrative powers to tell the story of Shea Hicks, a brutally funny, highly charged and moving novel about a directionless thirty-year-old man’s belated transition into adulthood.

Sean Hughes, a native of Dublin, is the youngest winner of the Perrier Award for Comedy at the Edinburgh Festival, he has gone on to critically acclaimed performances in television and film, including appearances in The Commitments and The Butcher Boy.

A regular on both television and radio, Sean is an excellent headliner and his dry Irish sense of humour and razor sharp wit mean that he is always well-received by audiences.